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If, like us, you’ve always wondered who that mysterious “they” is behind comments like “they say it’s going to rain”, then the quirk behind our name might make a little bit of sense to you. “they” is us.

Director Alan Irvin and Executive Producer Darren Gordon are a team of passionate filmmakers and storytellers working out of Joburg and Cape Town South Africa. But instead of boring you with a lengthy history, we’d prefer our work to speak for itself.

So take a look and answer that other mystery, “who the f*&k are they?”


Alan Irvin

Alan Irvin


Alan’s career started off in the world of advertising where he studied and worked as a graphic designer. After 4 years he moved over to traditional advertising where he ended as the executive creative director of a global advertising network. Alan started directing films when he joined Picture tree and eight years later in 2013 started his own production company, THEY with partner Darren Gordon.

He has grown an impeccable name for himself in the industry where he has been recognized by his peers winning numerous creative industry awards and has produced some of South Africa’s most loved commercials.

Darren Gordon

Executive Producer

Darren began studying a Bachelor of Commerce degree through Unisa. From there, he went on to study film at the South African School of Motion Picture Medium & Live Performance (AFDA). He achieved an Honours degree and majored in producing.

Darren was awarded the coveted best producer of the year award for 3 consecutive years,1998,1999,2000.

In 2001, he headed up production at Afda and over saw the production of ± 50 short films/stage productions.

While achieving his honors degree, Darren produced the ground breaking/successful/ award winning feature film, ‘Soldiers of the rock’.’SOR’ was selected for 27 international film festivals and won many awards, including Best Feature Film at The San Francisco Black Film Festival, The Grand Jury prize at the Pan African Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2002. The film was released locally by Ster Kinekor.

In 2002, Darren began his commercial filmmaking career.

Since then, Darren has produced commercials all over South Africa and has worked with some of the best directors in the industry.

In 2016, Darren produced the multiple award campaign for Ster Kinekor #openeyes, he was listed in the top 4 producers in South Africa.

Darren Gordon
Grant De Sousa

Grant De Sousa


After completing his Honours Degree in Directing at AFDA, Grant began in the industry as a researcher for a leading local production company, working for many of SA’s top directors.

His first break as a director came with the commercial “There’s No Going Back” – a moving and hard-hitting portrayal of a girl’s downward spiral into the world of drugs. The commercial won numerous awards, the highlight being a Cannes Award win at the 2007 Cannes CFP-E / Shots Young Directors Award. Not long after this, Grant once again swooped many awards with his controversial “Conflict Diamonds” spot for The African Diamond Council at the end of 2009.

Grant’s choice of cast, lighting, and music resulted in a haunting depiction of the greed and corruption of the diamond trade. Winner of 5 Vuka Awards, a shortlist for the prestigious UNDPI Award at the 2010 New York Festival and a finalist at the 2010 South African Loerie Awards were among the accolades he received.

He continues to prove his mettle as a performance director, being able to extract impressive interpretations from his cast. His keen creative eye and immaculate attention to detail make him a favorite choice as a director both locally and abroad.

Adam & Jonathan


Adam McConnachie and Jonathan Pinkhard are directorial duo Collaborating since 2010 as award-winning commercial // documentary photographers.
Their transition into filmmaking in 2017 was met with immediate succes
with their first short film PLS DO NOT COUNT THIS, winningthe audience choice award at the Bicycle Film Festival This hands-on, no-holds-barred duo dive in head first They write, they direct, they shoot, they record They edit, they master, they grade and they deliver From New Canada Road to New Florida Night Club Collaborating. find more than the sum of their parts
Germinating ideas and seeing them through.
Telling authentic stories seeking a human truthThey’re a brotherhood a dark horse.

Darren Gordon

Executive Producer

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